Release Notes

Version 1.0.1

Fix in reading loss rates from Data Hub due to format change
Fix for RORB files with periods in file names (eg. 63.2% AEP)


Version 1.0.0

Commercial Release


Version 0.4.3 (Beta)

Option to chart local hydrographs for WBNM
Log scale on IFD charts
Bug fixed in comparison box plots


Version 0.4.2 (Beta)

Changes to ts1 and TUFLOW rainfall export


Version 0.4.1 (Beta)

Improvements to hydrograph and rainfall charting
Export hydrographs to ts1 format for TUFLOW
Export rainfall to CSV suitable for use in TUFLOW DRM
Option to chart local hydrographs (XP-RAFTS only)


Version 0.4.0 (Beta)

Change of terminology from Critical Q & adopted TP to Adopted TP and Adopted TP Q. Critical duration now identified by highest Avg Q for ensemble.
Removal of Short Duration Pre-burst. Rahman / Hill methods now available for all durations
Duration column now shown in Temporal Pattern Analysis grid
More options for labeling for box plots and hydrograph charts
Fixed memory leak processing RAFTS outputs


Version 0.3.9 (Beta)

Fixed a bug in Hill and Rahman pre-burst calculation
Improvements to Compare To TP function
Fixed a bug in Partial Area Checks
Bug in charting titles


Version 0.3.8 (Beta)

Fixed a bug that inserted incorrect loss rates for RORB models.


Version 0.3.7 (Beta)

Added RAFTS verification example.
Support for intensity based IFD downloads.


Version 0.3.6 (Beta)

Added option to use WBNM Thiessen Polygon based rainfall weighting (this requires assignment of project coordinates to IFD locations - these will be automatically calculated if the project is in real world coordinates and the projection has been assigned).
Added WBNM and RORB verification examples.
Added average rainfall depth column to Storms grid.
Fixed bug in export of formatted data
Enforced sorting of durations in Box Charts


Version 0.3.4 - 0.3.5 (Beta)

Fix for reading RAFTS hydrographs
Optimisations for low resolution screens


Version 0.3.3 (Beta)

Support for Frequent and Rare IFDs
Calculation of potential ARF errors in subcatchment results


Version 0.3.2 (Beta)

Support for spatially varying IFD
Ability to import subcatchment coordinates, areas and total contributing areas to simplify analysis.
Option to select durations for analysis
Option to reduce initial loss values (as per Book 5 Section for urban catchments)
Option to rename custom events
ARR 1987 Zone 5 depth area rations
Numerous small improvements and bug fixes


Version 0.2.8 - 0.3.1 (Beta)

Bug fix in routing increment calculation
Bug fix in ARR 1987 loss rate assignment and ARR 1987 temporal patterns for < 30 year ARI
Export IFD Location Data
Various other bugs including charting.


Version 0.2.7 (Beta)

Support for ARR 1987 temporal patterns, ARFs (depth area ratios except Zone 5) and IFDs
Updates of charts to allow comparison of events (compare ARR87 vs Point vs Areal vs climate change scenarios)
Partial Area Checks via custom events
Support for multiple IFD locations (spatial distribution of IFD due in next version)
Export storms and subcatchment loss rates to XPX for import into RAFTS (for further analysis and verification)
Load multiple run lists into the results to compare events using the new chart features
Storms grid is now editable (use at your own risk). You can even add rows to the Storms grid and run completely customised storms (or export - import from Excel)
Export of raw CSV results for further analysis
Support for saving/loading rainfall information in *.run_list files.


Version 0.2.6 (Beta)

Preliminary support for ROB
Improvements for Areal temporal patterns
Option to NOT inject loss data
Other bug fixes and minor feature updates


Version 0.2.5 (Beta)

First public release