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Release Notes

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This page documents new features added in the latest releases:


TRIM 3.7.2

Fix for group select right click options when queue is filted


TRIM 3.7.1

Support for -nlc model testing

Updates to post processing (run once option, for example, to run a batch file)


TRIM 3.7.0

Support for parallel post processing

Option for delayed Start (right click on Start button)

Updated post processing templates to allow shorter TUFLOW_to_GIS output naming

Warning if log files exceed 1 GB (likely unstable model)

Improved support for M2D & AD modules on HPC licenses

Option to restrict model to only run on certain grunts with comma separated filter


TRIM 3.6.0

Improved GPU device management

Improved support for recent TUFLOW releases

Ability to launch simulations manually on specified grunts


TRIM 3.4.0

Support for multiple GPU devices on local host or Grunts (requires Grunt 1.0.6). TRIM will monitor which GPUs are in use and assign new simulations to idle GPUs.

Speed improvements for right click menu.


TRIM 3.3.0

Support for License Modules (GPU, M2D & AD). TRIM and each Grunt can be programmed with the specific license module configuration applicable and TRIM will ensure simulations are only started on hosts that have available license modules.

Bug fixes and improved HPC/GPU support.

TRIM 3.3.0 requires Grunt_1.0.5


TRIM 3.2.0

Improved support for TUFLOW 2017 HPC and GPU simulations.


TRIM 3.1.0

Improved support for TUFLOW 2017 classic

Support for multiple different versions of TUFLOW within your queue.

Ability to export post processing as a batch file.

Support for driverless hardware locks and password-less activation.



TRIM 3.0.0

Upgrade to 64 bit to allow larger queues and models without memory problems.

Improvements to Post Processing including inundation polygons and variables.

Capability to archive and import the queue.

Improvements to reporting.


TRIM 2.7.0

Linked Files: Returns a list of all GIS, CSV and grid files used by a simulation. Open files directly via right click menu. View and edit CSV files directly within TRIM. Automatically checks and warns if mid/mif files are older than the TAB before simulations are run. Automatically re-export TAB files. Option to warn if simulations run time is older than last modified date of input files.

Custom hazard utility: Allows user to apply most hazard categorisations based on D,V and Z0. Can be automated with post processing templates.


TRIM 2.6.5

Improved on-the-fly charting including volume change, 1D vs 2D mass balance errors

Disk/network load management options including limiting one model to initial checks phase at a time

Improved model completion time estimates (may give funny results for models started in previous version)

Advanced experimental post processing options including automated flood height contours and inundation polygons


TRIM 2.6.0

Support for TUFLOW Variables (Set Variable command)

Improved support for XMDF based Post Processing

Option to create water height contours automatically in Post Processing

Ability to close and resume grunts for easier software upgrades

Updated res_to_res and TUFLOW_to_GIS executables including 64bit support.


TRIM 2.5.2

Improvements to TRIM Server - Grunt Model including ability to run tests on Grunts.

Bug Fixes


TRIM 2.5.0

Introduction of TRIM Server - Grunt Model. Distribute your simulations across multiple modelling PCs. Watch a video demonstration.

Support for "IF Event ==' statements


TRIM 2.0.2

Several minor bug fixes.


TRIM 2.0.0

TRIM can now be configured to automatically zip most intermediary output files from post processing (DAT/XMDF/2DM etc) saving you up to 90% of precious disk space and reducing clutter. If you want to rerun post processing later, TRIM will offer to extract the archive for you.

TRIM now monitors the disk space available and will send you a message if it drops below a user defined threshold.

Preliminary support for XMDF formats and new versions of tuflow_to_gis and res_to_res utilities.

Fixes and updates to post processing templates (click 'restore to defaults' to update your templates).


TRIM 1.9.7

Open BC file added to right click menu.

Bug fixes.


TRIM 1.9.6

Introduction of Reporting. Find out which projects are using up your modeling hours. This can be useful to help distribute licensing and IT costs amongst projects and cost centres.

Option to start TUFLOW windows minimised or hidden which can avoid screen hijacking when running TRIM in the background.

Support for new TUFLOW switches -nq and -acf which can improve auto-stop reliability and suppress dialogs for creation of directories.

TUFLOW time series grids can be exported to a multi-band TIF file for analysis in other software (each timestep grid in a separate image band).

Bug fixes.


TRIM 1.9.5

Introduction of TRIM Post Processing. TRIM can now help automate all your TUFLOW post processing including dat_to_dat, TUFLOW_to_GIS as well as a automatically creating Shape Files and MapInfo tables to save you time. TRIM ships with several post processing templates but you can easily add your own.

GUI redesigned including 3 new style templates.


TRIM 1.8.8

Introduction of TRIM Auto-Stop, TRIM can automatically end your simulations when they have passed their peak based on a combination of Wet Cell Count (2D), Flow Out (Qo) and Water Level (GL). This allows users to save significant time by not modelling the full recession limb of the flood and not having to iteratively adjust simulation end times to optimise performance.

Charting of Wet Cells (2D) and Water Level.


TRIM 1.8.6

Introduction of TRIM Notifier, a preconfigured email system that should work with any corporate firewall (ideal for those that can't configure a SMTP server due to port blocking)

New setup wizard allows simple configuration of TRIM out of the box

Filter on queue allows simple management of large queues

Manually run simulations by right click

New Skype remote management commands (specify TUFLOW version when adding a simulation, run next, move and remove models)

Updated bug tracker with ability to directly upload bug reports (no email client required)

Option to manually specify default text editor for log and run files

Bug fixes

oFix for non-zero start time simulations

oTolerant of non-standard commands such as 'Start Time (hr) ==' instead of 'Start Time =='

oFix when adding event/scenario simulations via right click 'Open with TRIM'

oNew checks to ensure Skype contact in friends list and Skype is not trying to send to/from the same account


TRIM 1.7.9

Progress updates and messages for running models will still be processed even if TRIM is stopped

Bug fix for Events/Scenarios that include hyphens ('-')


TRIM 1.7.8

Fix for Skype timeout error and inclusion of last 10 lines of log for 'Incomplete Simulation' messages


TRIM 1.7.7

Significant stability improvements

The ability to save and load configuration files for the Event / Scenario Configuration form

Bug fixed that prevented resumed simulations being marked as complete

Several bug fixes and minor features


TRIM 1.7.4

TRIM now detects scenario names in all tcf, trd, ecf, .tgc, .tbc files

Support for # comments (previously ! comments only)

Network license support


TRIM 1.7.2

Important bug fix for TCF files with Scenarios

Linking setting of default communication profiles from Communications tab and Defaults tab

Linking of Save buttons on Communications tab and Settings tab

Data validation within Communication Profiles (ensure valid email address if supplied, ensure profiles don't have conflicting names)


TRIM 1.7.0

Commercial Release

Bug fixes.


TRIM 1.6.7

Support for nested Scenario statements

Support for different console configurations (such as GL – Water Level option)

Add pre-requisites (eg Model X must finish successfully before Model Y can start)

Support for pause/resume of models

Reduced sensitivity for stalled models (now works based on if log file hasn’t changed for X progress timers)

Improved file access for locked files.

We now collect information on negative depths, change in volume, weir switching etc. Future versions will allow charting/analysis of this data.


TRIM 1.6.5

Interact with TRIM remotely via Skype (check status, add models etc)

Better TCF Previewing including full substitution of events, scenarios and Read File commands

Stop simulations via right click menu politely (equivalent to Ctrl+C)

Better support for testing multiple models

Support for multiple row selection and manipulation in grid

Report % complete and duration in messages (email & Skype)

Several bug fixes related to TRIM crashing after a simulation ends


TRIM 1.6.2

Support for Events & Scenarios

Support for additional TRIM Instances

Support for existing TUFLOW batch files



TRIM 1.5.3

Support for GMail outgoing mail servers (and other encrypted SMTP servers)

The model queue is automatically saved/resumed from a configuration file. This allows you to close and reopen TRIM without effecting model runs (such as when updating TRIM)

Detection of stalled models (such as models with an open message box) and email/Skype notification of last lines in log file

Ability to 'absorb' runs started externally (such as via MapInfo or UltraEdit)

Estimated end times and durations in the table

Terminate / Bring to Front models based on right click in table

Model summaries included in Skype messaging

Ability to include multiple email addresses in Communication Profiles (seperated by ';')

Keeps a log of all model runs for future reporting module

Integrated Help File (press F1)

Several other tweaks and bug fixes


TRIM 1.0.4

Initial public beta release