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TUFLOW Batch Files

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Most existing TUFLOW batch files can be easily converted to work with TRIM. This allows you to quickly gain access the TRIM's advantages over batch files (such as simultaneous model runs, queueing and TRIM's communication capabilities) without major changes to the way you work with TUFLOW. The only change should be to reference the TRIM executable (eg: "C:\Program Files\TRIM\TRIM.exe) instead of the TUFLOW executable.


In most cases, this would simply involve changing the first line in the batch file from:


set TUFLOWEXE="C:\TUFLOW\Build_2011_09_AA_64\TUFLOW_iSP_w64.exe"


set TUFLOWEXE="C:\Program Files\TRIM\TRIM.exe"


Please note:

A non-clone version of TRIM should be running when the batch file is executed.

Please ensure the /wait command is included in your batch file to ensure all models are added

Please ensure the default TUFLOW version is correctly specified in the Defaults before running the batch file.

This capability is mostly to support existing projects. For new projects, TRIM's add file functionality should reduce the need for batch files.


An example of a batch file that should work with TRIM is shown below:


set TUFLOWEXE=C:\Program Files (x86)\TRIM\TRIM.exe

set RUN=start "TUFLOW" /low /wait /min "%TUFLOWEXE%" -b

%RUN% "C:\TUFLOW_200_Tutuorial_Model\Complete_Model\tuflow\runs\M01_5m_003.tcf"

%RUN% "C:\TUFLOW_200_Tutuorial_Model\Complete_Model\tuflow\runs\M02_5m_001.tcf"