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Multiple TRIM Instances

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Normally, TRIM only allows a single instance of the program to be running at any time. However, a user may wish to run several concurrent instances of TRIM. For example, if two users wish to work simultaneously with a 4 license standalone TUFLOW dongle with 2 licenses each, they may wish to run two instances of TRIM and maintain independent model queues. This would ensure they both receive equal access to the resources.


A second (or third etc) version of TRIM can be started by selecting the 'Start TRIM (Additional Instance)' shortcut.




The new TRIM instance will have 'Clone' in the title. Users should be aware of the following limitations for Clone versions of TRIM:

The Model Queue will not be saved / resumed after shutdown for Clone versions

Additional models added via .tcf file extension assoication, or batch files will be added to the non-clone version