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TRIM is an application to help manage your TUFLOW model runs more efficiently. It's features include:


oEasily add any number of TUFLOW models to your queue.

oAutomatically run your models in sequence with any number of simultaneous runs (TUFLOW and TRIM license dependent)

oGet email messages when models finish

oSimple progress bar and grid display allows rapid visualisation of model queue progress and model health

oEasily test one or more models prior to running the entire queue.

oCharts inflows, outflows, errors, wet cells, volume change and water levels on the fly for each simulations.

oAutomate ending simulations after the peak has passed to save time.

oSetup clusters of modelling computers managed by a single TRIM interface.

oEasy access to log files, key files and directories via right click menu.


TRIM is currently free for 1 simultaneous simulation and paid versions are available for versions allowing more than 1 simultaneous model.



TUFLOW Run Interface Manager (TRIM)