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Events and Scenarios

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TRIM supports TUFLOW's event and scenario functionality.


For TCF files that include the Model Events or Model Scenarios lines, TRIM will automatically add the appropriate model setup to the Model Queue.


If an Event File is referenced in the TCF but the Model Events line is not found, TRIM will present a form allowing any number of model runs to be configured based on the available events and scenarios. This form will also be presented if Scenarios are found in the TCF file and ~s~/~sX~ is found in the file name. The user can easily setup as many model runs as they wish by selecting the event and scenario combinations from the drop down boxes.


Auto Add


The Auto Add button Auto Add will add all combinations of events and durations that are found within the Event names. It will also group the simulations by the event for post processing. The search names for the Auto Add can be configured in the Advanced Settings.



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Events and Scenarios Form


The number of events and scenarios available for customisation in the table can be edited via the spin controls in the top right. The other buttons have the following functions:

clip0043_zoom50 will add a new row to the table.

clip0044_zoom50 will delete any selected rows.

clip0045_zoom50 will create duplicate rows of any selected rows.

clip0046_zoom50 will clear all rows from the table.

clip0047_zoom50 will offer to add all yr vs min/hr event combinations to the table including grouping for post processing.


The text box below the grid will display a preview of the TCF file after the appropriate Event and Scenario substitutions and If/Else If/Else/End If commands are processed. This can be useful to ensure the scenarios and events will behave as expected.


After clicking OK, TRIM will add a new model to the Model Queue for each row in the table. TRIM will remember the settings for the next time this TCF file is added.


Saving and Loading Configuration files


TRIM also allows you to save and load common event/scenario configuration files. The arrow near the open button allows quick access to recently used configuration files.