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The Header section in a CST macro script should consist of information regarding the intended use for the script and other relevant information.  It consists of three tags, namely, MACRO-DESCRIPTION, END-MACRO-DESCRIPTION and START-SCRIPT.  The first line in a script should be the MACRO-DESCRIPTION tag.  Text entered between this tag and the END-MACRO-DESCRIPTION tag is the Macro Description and will appear in the bottom window of the Macro Wizard as shown below.  On the next line from the END-MACRO-DESCRIPTION tag, the START-SCRIPT tag should be entered.  This designates the start of the script code.



HEC-HMS 2.1.3
Exports a CatchmentSIM Project to HEC-HMS Version 2.1.3
Automatically creates 3 files:
.hms    - Project Configuration
.basin  - Basin Data File
.map    - GIS background file
More information about HEC-HMS can be found at:


When the example script presented above is read by CatchmentSIM (Export >> Macro Wizard), it will be displayed in the Macro Description  of the Macro Form as shown below:


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