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Macro Wizard (add on module)

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The Macro Wizard menu option provides access to CatchmentSIM's macro language and predefined macro scripts.


CatchmentSIM's macro language has been designed to provide the ability to export results in any text or binary file format desired in order to streamline the creation of input files for other software (such as hydrologic models). The language includes the ability for complete text customisation, dialog boxes, writing to multiple files simultaneously, export of images and a complete set of logical operators (such as LOOP, IF THEN etc).


The macro language is described in detail in the CatchmentSIM CSTalk Macro Language Guide.


This menu option will bring up the following form.


Click to Enlarge Image

Click to Enlarge Image


The CST scripts are stored in the 'Installation Directory \ CST Files' and those that are available are shown in the file tree view. By selecting a directory in this window, the available CST scripts in that directory are shown in the top right window. By selecting a script in this window, the description of the CST script (stored in the CST file header) will be shown in the Macro Description window.

After selecting the Run Macro button, CatchmentSIM will behave in accordance with the macro instructions.


Note:Most macros languages can be misused to create malicious code, CatchmentSIM is no different. Be sure you trust the author of macros if they are from a third party (ie., not distributed with CatchmentSIM).


Note:If the script offers to export a background graphic, the graphic will be the final window prior to running the CST script. Hence, you may wish to setup the mapping layer as you would like it to be exported prior to running any such script.