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CSTalk Macro Language Guide

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This following includes instructions and reference material for writing and editing CSTalk macro scripts for use with CatchmentSIM software.  The CSTalk language provides the tools needed to export almost any CatchmentSIM project values or attributes to an output file in any format or structure.  Some of the key uses of CSTalk macro scripts are:


Export of project attributes to 3rd party software

CSTalk macro scripts can be used to create input or auxiliary files for 3rd party software such as other hydrologic modelling packages.  Some examples of these software packages are HEC-HMS, WBNM and RAFTS-XP for which customised CSTalk macro scripts are included with the CatchmentSIM software.

This allows seamless coupling between CatchmentSIM and other software packages.


Creation of customised report formats

Users may wish to create an in-house report export template using a CSTalk macro script for the purposes of document control and quality assurance.

CSTalk scripts consist of a Header Section and script code.  Script code constitutes Procedures, Logical Operators, Dialog Boxes and Variables.  These tools, when utilised in combination, provide the flexibility to create output file with almost any type of content and structure.

This document is not intended to be a tutorial or provide comprehensive instructions for beginner macro programmers.  Rather, it is a reference guide that lists the available commands and variables in the CSTalk language.  For those aiming to learn to write a CSTalk macro script it is recommended that the scripts included with the CatchmentSIM software (in the CST Files directory) be studied with reference to this document to help decipher the scripting technique.