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Release Notes

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Version 1.3.5

Support for Storm Injector in NZ including:

oRegion combo box on settings tab to remove extraneous panels for NZ users

oImport HIRDS V4 design rainfall and climate change forecasts (import downloaded csv files)

oInclusion of HIRDS temporal patterns as custom temporal patterns

oA custom event builder to help build HIRDS custom event code

Support for HEC-HMS projects that include reservoir nodes

Faster import of RAFTS XPX model files

Changes to custom temporal pattern, custom event code to allow specifying IFD Location suffix in IFD header tag.


Version 1.3.4

Fix for supported HEC-HMS time increments in Routing Increments panel (HEC-HMS can only use time increments of 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,15,20,30,60,120,180,240,360,480,720,1440 min).

Baseflow Stage 1 (Download baseflow factors and calculate baseflow contributions for events of different AEPs)

Option to replace '%' in event names with 'pc'

Bug fix for 18 hr ARF (10 - 1000 km2) calculation


Version 1.3.3

Ability to export, modify and import subarea grid to bulk update IFD Location and ICA (%)

Performance improvements (~ 3x in project load, embedded burst checks can now be turned off if not needed which greatly speeds up Create Storms)

Pre-burst temporal pattern timesteps no longer need to divide evenly into the Storm timestep (resampling supported)

Option to import duration independent temporal patterns into custom temporal pattern grid.

Updates to default custom temporal patterns including re sampling of GSDM patterns to match typical temporal pattern timesteps

Jordan et al (2005) ensembles for short duration extreme events re-sampled and included as  custom temporal patterns


Version 1.3.2

Ability to bulk export Box and Hydrograph Charts as images and insert into a new Word document with captions.

Support for WBNM Global EIA Factor including assignment of Indirectly Connected Areas (ICAs)

Fix for running HMS projects over a network

Fix for loading projects with custom temporal patterns with more row columns than defaults.


Version 1.3.1

Addition of GSAM temporal patterns

Addition of GSTMR AVM and Historical temporal patterns

A dedicated Help How To covering PMP/PMF modeling with Storm Injector.

Ability to chart WBNM stage hydrographs and box plots for subarea structures

Support for Victoria specific ARR advice


Version 1.3.0

Beta support for HEC-HMS!


Version 1.2.9

Support for WBNM 2020 (ensuring that rainfall gauge names do not exceed 12 char)

WBNM 2020 Verification Example

Storm Injector should now offer to assign IFD locations to subareas automatically after download or import

Bug fix for calculation of total area for URBS models

Some performance improvements

SL licensing fix


Version 1.2.8

Fixed bug in displaying RAFTS hydrographs for events with > 10,000 timesteps

ESI filename now displayed in form caption

Option to open results files via right click

Option to select default text and csv editors and open CSVs in Excel automatically after export

Storm Injector Viewer users can now change settings for adopted temporal pattern and critical duration selection

Latest version of convert_to_ts1_w64.exe included with download


Version 1.2.7

Spatial charting allows thematic mapping of subarea results via a node link arrangement (based on the coordinates of the subarea nodes) or using a subarea shapefile.

More options for analysis of ensembles, selection of adopted temporal pattern and calculation of the critical duration. Ensembles can now be ranked (and adopted TP selected) based on volume and time to peak and critical duration can be determined based on average ensemble values or adopted TP values or a combination of both.

Additional of transformational rainfall depths in pre-burst temporal patterns for NSW.

Pricing update as Storm Injector turns 2 following 12 feature packed updates in the last 12 months.


Version 1.2.6

Option to export local subcatchment rainfall volume (gross or excess) as ts1 from the Storms Grid

Fix for RFFE json download

Updates to subcatchment rainfall excess charting to adjust for Impervious and Indirectly Connected Area (ICA) proportions and loss rates.

Updates to pre-burst temporal patterns to use pre-burst ratios and apply ARFs

Advanced loss models (including probabilistic proportional loss model)

Usability improvement allowing resizing of the panels

New metric (Time over Flow) which is useful in estimates of time that roads may be cut

Updated Raw Data export to include Volume and Time To Peak

Updates to embedded burst smoothing to allow a minimum duration for the embedded burst checking (for example,. only look for bursts that are > 1 hr)

Option to create TS1 files individually via right click from Subcatchment Results grid

Option to auto process results once models have run

Storm Injector is now signed by Microsoft Authenticode for added security


Version 1.2.5 (new ESI format)

Support for pre-burst temporal patterns (Beta)

Support for charting rainfall depth and rainfall excess in hydrograph charts

Incorporate of at-site IFD data into project file (*.esi)


Version 1.2.4

Fix for URBS model subcatchment names and frequent storms

Support for RAFTS 2018 split-catchment option


Version 1.2.3

Fix for Data Hub feed for some areas with no pre-burst information

Better support for WBNM 2017/2019 (for users that don't wish to use the wbnm_eng_w64.exe file)

Distribution updated to included latest version of RORB_CMD.exe engine

Fix for short duration calibrated loss burst loss calculations


Version 1.2.2

Bug fix for 0.2EY and 0.5EY events.

Check for duplicate runs when adding run_lists


Version 1.2.1

Further bug fixes for chart labelling (and support for overlapping labels)

More flexibility in rainfall CSV import

Prompt to confirm on close of application


Version 1.2.0

Bug fixes for Chart Edit/Export and Box Chart labeling


Version 1.1.9

Updates to At-Site IFD Analysis

oGeneric CSV import option

oInclusion of ongoing MHL rainfall gauges (DPIE CCSE) and better format support

Support for MGA2020 coordinates

Option to use *._TP1..*._TP10 instead of TP IDs

Fixed bug in CSV export of burst losses


Version 1.1.8

At-Site IFD Analysis (Beta)

oFind nearby rainfall gauges from an internal database

oImport rainfall data in common formats as well as direct download of daily rainfall data

oCalculates common statistics including monthly and yearly averages

oDetermine annual maximum rainfall series for common durations including daily conversion factors

oCompare Cunnane plotting positions against downloaded IFD Locations using several charts.

Support for XP-RAFTS 2009 (2009.1 and 2009.2)


Version 1.1.7 (new ESI format)

Option for separate loss rates for Effective Impervious Area, Indirectly Connected Areas and pervious areas. Pervious loss rates are calculated by weighted average. This has also resulted in the removal of 'Reduce Pervious Initial Loss (Urban Catchment)' option in previous versions. Refer to Guide to Urban Loss Rates.

Option to use Calibrated Storm IL with adjustment based on ILb = ILs * (ILb-arr / ILs-arr) with probability neutral burst losses or pre-burst adjusted losses.

Option to select secondary 'bins' for 2%, 5%, 10% and 20% AEP events as per Table 12 in 'Floodplain Risk Management Guide - Incorporating 2016 Australian Rainfall and Runoff in Studies'. Refer to Using Temporal Patterns from Multiple Bins.

Download or import Regional Flood Frequency Estimation (RFFE) Model results into FFA section in Box Charts for comparison

Display of average peak values on Hydrograph Charts

New metrics in Box Charts include 'Time until Flow' (for emergency response analysis of the time until a threshold flow is reached) and 'Volume over flow' (analysis of volume over a flow capacity estimate).

Support for 'All Design Rainfall Depth' files (these are broken up into 3 IFD locations with duplication of '1EY/63.2%' and '1%/1 in 100' events).

Fix of minor bugs (RORB charting, support for v1.1.6 run_lists, override loss issues, rare & frequent events with custom temporal patterns, import of IFD from CSV, export of IFD locations)

Support for High DPI Displays (recommended scaling between 100-150%)

Pricing update as Storm Injector turns 1 following 15 feature packed updates in the last 12 months.


Version 1.1.6 (new ESI format)

Support for Probability Neutral Burst Initial Losses for NSW

Detection, reporting and smoothing of embedded bursts (refer to our how to guide)

Filter for Storms Grid allowing easy finding and comparison of storms


Version 1.1.5

Preliminary support for Data Hub changes and access to development and legacy data hubs via Settings.

Beta support for analysis of local flows for RAFTS


Version 1.1.4

Option to add additional model runs to existing list for easier comparison of scenarios. Check out our Compare Scenarios tutorial.


Version 1.1.3

Fixed bug in recalculation of number of increments if routing increment changed

Support for URBS *.ini file (same name and location as vector file)

Fixed bug in Compare To feature.


Version 1.1.2

Improvements to Compare Events chart including:

oLog scales

oChart AEP (1 in X) years on X axis

oDisplay Flood Frequency Analysis (FFA) in background (events and confidence limits)

Further customisation for creation of TUFLOW *.ts1 files.

oConvert for adopted temporal pattern of all durations or critical duration

oOption to use all subcatchments of interest instead of a single subcatchment to determine which *.ts1 files to create.


Version 1.1.1

Fix for RAFTS issues (non standard storage exponents or 137 links)

RAFTS 2018 Verification Project


Version 1.1.0

Ability to save hydrographs in project file for easy sharing and distribution

Free Storm Injector Viewer software allows you to share your projects with others allowing them to do charting and analysis (but not model creation or running)

Support for RORB runoff coefficient loss model


Version 1.0.9 (new ESI format)

Support for PMP

Support for custom temporal patterns

Support for routing increments < 1 min (0.25 min minimum)

Right click menu to make Custom Events easier

Updated to suit revised BoM IFD website (script error, create multiple point file, read multiple IFDs etc)

Fix for cloudfare issue in ARR Data Hub

Fix for bug in recent files list

Update of RORB_CMD to v6.40.


Version 1.0.8

New charting metric that provides charting of peak volume over a given time period for each storm which may be a better indicator of critical storms for hydraulic modelling.

Option to add any pre-burst excess (if pre-burst depth exceeds initial loss) to the 1st rainfall timestep

Option to apply ARF to pre-burst depths

Recent files list in Load button.

Option to run model and leave cmd window open to aid in troubleshooting.


Version 1.0.7

Fixed the calculation order for RORB models with spatially varying rainfall. Calculation order now displayed in Project Setup panel.

Switch RORB, WBNM and URBS models to use explicit rainfall depth hyetographs instead of temporal patterns (this should not make any difference but is important to support upcoming changes and features).

Check for missing ARF generation parameters.

Updated RORB and URBS CatchmentSIM export scripts to better integrate with Storm Injector.


Version 1.0.6

Improvements for RORB files with no output node names.

Improvements for WBNM without storm loss block

Bug fix for custom events with renaming.


Version 1.0.5

Minor bug fixes and improvements in Areal TP custom events,  reference TP column colouring and labelling, display of RORB hydrographs with > 50 locations, exporting of pre-burst ratios, sorting of durations in charting, calculation of pre-burst ratio mean and median values.


Version 1.0.4

Fix bug in XP-RAFTS loss interpolation


Version 1.0.3  (new ESI format)

Customise initial and continuing loss rates for individual AEPs and subcatchments (Beta)

Allow interpolated initial and continuing loss rates for XP-RAFTS  first or second subcatchments which are not 0 or 100% impervious


Version 1.0.2  (new ESI format)

Support for URBS Hydrologic Model (Beta)

Read storm volumes and time to peaks and allow Box Charts of these metrics

Import impervious percentages when importing models

Ingest pre-burst ratios from Data Hub and calculate averages and medians for each AEP

Option to create ts1 from rafts *.loc hydrograph files


Version 1.0.1

Fix in reading loss rates from Data Hub due to format change

Fix for RORB files with periods in file names (eg. 63.2% AEP)


Version 1.0.0

Commercial Release


Version 0.4.3 (Beta)

Option to chart local hydrographs for WBNM

Log scale on IFD charts

Bug fixed in comparison box plots


Version 0.4.2 (Beta)

Changes to ts1 and TUFLOW rainfall export


Version 0.4.1 (Beta)

Improvements to hydrograph and rainfall charting

Export hydrographs to ts1 format for TUFLOW

Export rainfall to CSV suitable for use in TUFLOW DRM

Option to chart local hydrographs (XP-RAFTS only)


Version 0.4.0 (Beta)

Change of terminology from Critical Q & adopted TP to Adopted TP and Adopted TP Q. Critical duration now identified by highest Avg Q for ensemble.

Removal of Short Duration Pre-burst. Rahman / Hill methods now available for all durations

Duration column now shown in Temporal Pattern Analysis grid

More options for labeling for box plots and hydrograph charts

Fixed memory leak processing XP-RAFTS outputs


Version 0.3.9 (Beta)

Fixed a bug in Hill and Rahman pre-burst calculation

Improvements to Compare To TP function

Fixed a bug in Partial Area Checks

Bug in charting titles


Version 0.3.8 (Beta)

Fixed a bug that inserted incorrect loss rates for RORB models.


Version 0.3.7 (Beta)

Added RAFTS verification example.

Support for intensity based IFD downloads.


Version 0.3.6 (Beta)

Added option to use WBNM Thiessen Polygon based rainfall weighting (this requires assignment of project coordinates to IFD locations - these will be automatically calculated if the project is in real world coordinates and the projection has been assigned).

Added WBNM and RORB verification examples.

Added average rainfall depth column to Storms grid.

Fixed bug in export of formatted data

Enforced sorting of durations in Box Charts


Version 0.3.4 - 0.3.5 (Beta)

Fix for reading RAFTS hydrographs

Optimisations for low resolution screens


Version 0.3.3 (Beta)

Support for Frequent and Rare IFDs

Calculation of potential ARF errors in subcatchment results


Version 0.3.2 (Beta)

Support for spatially varying IFD

Ability to import subcatchment coordinates, areas and total contributing areas to simplify analysis.

Option to select durations for analysis

Option to reduce initial loss values (as per Book 5 Section for urban catchments)

Option to rename custom events

ARR 1987 Zone 5 depth area rations

Numerous small improvements and bug fixes


Version 0.2.8 - 0.3.1 (Beta)

Bug fix in routing increment calculation

Bug fix in ARR 1987 loss rate assignment and ARR 1987 temporal patterns for < 30 year ARI

Export IFD Location Data

Various other bugs including charting.


Version 0.2.7 (Beta)

Support for ARR 1987 temporal patterns, ARFs (depth area ratios except Zone 5) and IFDs

Updates of charts to allow comparison of events (compare ARR87 vs Point vs Areal vs climate change scenarios)

Partial Area Checks via custom events

Support for multiple IFD locations (spatial distribution of IFD due in next version)

Export storms and subcatchment loss rates to XPX for import into RAFTS (for further analysis and verification) - This feature is no longer supported

Load multiple run lists into the results to compare events using the new chart features

Storms grid is now editable (use at your own risk). You can even add rows to the Storms grid and run completely customised storms (or export - import from Excel)

Export of raw CSV results for further analysis

Support for saving/loading rainfall information in *.run_list files.


Version 0.2.6 (Beta)

Preliminary support for ROB

Improvements for Areal temporal patterns

Option to NOT inject loss data

Other bug fixes and minor feature updates


Version 0.2.5 (Beta)

First public release