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Storm Injector is available on an annual subscription basis with a license setup fee applicable in the first year (and on resumption of subscriptions expired by more than 30 days). The available license types and prices (AUD) are shown below.


License Type

1st Year (ex GST)

2nd Year Onwards (Ex GST)#

Single User USB Dongle*

$1800 ($900 seetup fee + $900 / yr)


Single User Cloud License^

$2350 ($900 seetup fee + $1450 / yr)


Network USB Dongle

$3600 for 2 concurrent users (2 user minimum))

$1800  for 2 concurrent users

* Single user USB dongles do not support remote access

^ cloud licenses allow remote access and license utilisation from any internet connected PC

# recurring subscription prices subject to change


Cloud Licensing

From June 2022, we are offering Cloud Licensing options for Storm Injector. This allows for network style licensing to be administered from the cloud without requiring a physical USB dongle.


Single User Cloud Licenses

The benefits of a Single User Cloud License over a Single User USB Dongle include:

Customers may share the software (whilst only 1 user concurrently) without having to share a USB dongle

License sharing can occur across offices and from home without requiring a VPN or complex network configuration

Cloud licenses support remote access such as Remote Desktop

Annual subscription renewals no longer require customers to apply update files to dongles

No risk of losing or damaging a USB dongle

Licenses can be setup faster as no postage is required

Additional seats can be easily added to a cloud license at any time


In general, cloud licensing requires an active connection to the cloud license server. However, licenses can be temporarily 'detached' from the license server and stored locally for offline use.


Multi-Seat Cloud Licenses

Cloud licensing can also be added to existing or new network dongles customers. Customers may use our cloud license server or setup their own. If you are interested in adopting cloud licensing within your organisation, please contact us.


Multiple License Discount

A 15% discount off the entire order is applicable when 3 or more seats are purchased together. The table below lists prices for multiple network seats or single user USB dongles. Cloud licensing can be added for $550/pa/seat.


Number of Network seats

1st Year (ex GST)

2nd Year Onwards (Ex GST)#











+ $1,530

+ $765

# recurring subscription prices subject to change