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Storm Injector Help

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Licenses and Driver Instructions

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Storm Injector is available in 3 different license types:

Single User USB license (no drivers required)

Cloud licenses (1 or more concurrent seats)

USB Network licenses


Cloud licenses and USB Network Dongles require the installation of drivers.



Drivers can be downloaded from here:

Unzip the archive and click on the 'install drivers.bat' file.

Once drivers are installed on a PC, the local website http://localhost:1947 will become available. This website can be used to examine and configure licenses.


Configuring clients to access a Cloud License Server

CSS will provide a connection string that should be inserted into the 'Remote License Search Parameters' field at: http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html

For single user cloud licenses, this connection string can be shared with any other users that wish to use the software. If more than one user attempts to use the software concurrently, the following error will be returned: A session for this identity from a different machine already exists

For cloud licenses with more than 1 concurrent seat, we recommend unique connection strings for each user (which CSS can provide on request), otherwise, you may receive the above error when two users try to access the software concurrently. This feature or limitation (depending on your perspective) can be used to effectively reserve licenses. For example, if a 3 concurrent user cloud license was being shared between 3 offices, you could reserve 1 license for each office by having a separate connection string for the users in each office.

Once all concurrent seats on a cloud license are fully utilised by unique connection strings, the next connection will generate the following error: Too many concurrent users


Detaching Licenses from a Cloud License

Licenses may be detached from a cloud license for a number of reasons including:

Unstable connection to a license server

Desire to use the software offline

To get around issues related to the same connection string being used concurrently (one user can detach a license while the other uses remaining seats on the cloud license)


To detach a license, ensure 'On-Demand Detaching of Licenses' is enabled in the settings on the local machine at: http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_detach.html. Next, from the Products tab click the 'Detach' option under Actions. Use the Online detach method if you wish to attach the license for use on this computer. Set the expiration date (the detached license can also be canceled earlier) and click Detach and Attach.

Once this has been successful, you should see the local license in the Products tab with an available action to 'Cancel License' which will return the license to the cloud license.

Please note that unless a detached license is canceled, it will not be available for others to use until the expiration date.

Detaching a license requires the customised CSS vendor library files to be installed with the drivers. These will typically be installed using the link above (in the Drivers section).



Configuring clients to access an Internal corporate License Server

For USB Network dongles, clients PCs should be able to access network licenses immediately once drivers are installed. However, for complex network environment or accessing a license over a VPN, the following configuration steps are recommended.


On the client PC (where Storm Injector will be run):

1.Open the page: http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html

2.Ensure both checkboxes on this page are selected and enter the IP address or FQDN of the license server in the Remote License Search Parameters section and click Submit.




A multi-seat cloud license may be a better option if VPN or network considerations make access to the internal license server problematic. Cloud license servers can also be hosted internally for larger corporations.