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CatchmentSIM has 5 freely available tutorials.  The tutorials guide the user through the basic steps involved with using CatchmentSIM, from importing source data to catchment partitioning, hydrologic analysis and integration with a back-end hydrologic modelling package. Specifically, these tutorials cover:


Tutorial 1
Create a project from scratch using freely available DEM, stream, ocean and rainfall data. Learn how to interpolate rainfall and create weighted average rainfall estimates for your subcatchments. (Tweed River, Australia)

Tutorial 2
Create a project from scratch using contour and stream based interpolation. Learn how to export to Google Earth.

Tutorial 3
Calculate the catchment draining to a lake and calculate its stage area storage relationship using bathymetry data (Lake Tana, Ethiopia)

Tutorial 4
Learn how to automatically map drainage catchments for pit inlets on a road including 12d Model integration.

Tutorial 5
Map and analyse non-dendritic drainage systems in Florida, USA.


The tutorials are written in a concise format from an instructional perspective. Comprehensive information regarding all of the internal program algorithms can be found on the CatchmentSIM website or the CatchmentSIM Help File.  Hyperlinks to relevant site pages have been included where appropriate.



Download all tutorial data and solution files (149 MB)