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Storm Injector is a software product that can take a hydrologic model created in WBNM, RORB, URBS and XP-RAFTS and automatically create and analyse derivative versions of the model in accordance with ARR 2016, ARR 1987, PMF and a number of other design storm approaches.


The typical workflow for CatchmentSIM and Storm Injector hydrologic modelling integration would be:


1.Prepare a CatchmentSIM model for the catchment with appropriate catchment breakup

2.Use the Result Export Wizard to create an input file for your choice of model. If you are using the Rainfall Analyser module, you can also export rainfall information for historical events to aid in calibration.

3.Using the tools provided by your choice of hydrologic modelling package, complete the model setup including structures, storages and calibration / verification against historical events.

4.The resultant modelling files can be used by Storm Injector to proceed with design event modelling. Spatially informed PMP estimates can be developed using the PMP (GSDM) script within CatchmentSIM and imported into Storm Injector.


Storm Injector documentation can be viewed here.