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CatchmentSIM Help

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Installation and Registration

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Technical specifications


CatchmentSIM requires the following hardware:


 Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 & Windows 7 (64bit only)

 Minimum Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (higher resolutions and multiple monitors supported)

 CPU and RAM: i3 or better CPU, 8 GB RAM or better


The person installing the software must have local administrator access on the computer.


CatchmentSIM is a memory intensive program. The memory requirements of the software and the run of key algorithms increase with the size of the DEM being modelled.




During install, you will have the option to choose the installation directory for CatchmentSIM. The default option is: C:\Program Files\CatchmentSIM . However, if the local user does not have administrator privileges then the software should be installed to an unprotected directory. This is because CatchmentSIM will occasionally modify files in the installation directory.


Stand-alone PC


To install CatchmentSIM on a stand-alone PC, double click on the InstallShield executable named CatchmentSIMxxx.exe (where xxx is the version number). This will bring up the InstallShield wizard which will guide you through the installation.


You will be given a number of different installation options. Full installation (typical) installs all program components (6MB), however you can elect not to install AVI creation software and CSTalk macro scripts. However, it is recommended that you install the entire application.


If you are using the USB hardware lock version of CatchmentSIM, it's important that you do not insert the USB key until the software is installed.


File server/network


CatchmentSIM should not be installed on a file server. Project files may be installed on a file server however the software should reside on the local PC.