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Software Licensing

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Storm Injector requires a soft-lock license key or a hardware dongle which can be obtained from our software portal.


Soft-Lock Licenses

For soft-locks, you will be emailed a license key and a download link. Simply enter your license key the first time you use the software. No installation is required.


Single User USB Dongles

Your USB dongle will be mailed to you. No drivers are required to be installed on most PCs to use a single user USB dongle, simply insert the dongle and run Storm Injector.


Network USB Dongles

Your USB dongle will be mailed to you. No drivers are normally required to be installed on network client PCs, however, drivers should be installed on the license server (PC where dongle is inserted).

Drivers can be downloaded from the following link: . The Windows GUI Sentinel HSAP/LDK Run-time Installer is the easiest for most users.

Occasionally, remote uses connected via VPN may have trouble accessing licenses. In these cases, it is recommended that users:

1.Install the dongle drivers as per the link above

2.Go to http://localhost:1947 in their web browser

3.Go to the Configuration >> Access to Remote License Managers tab.

4.Turn on the 'Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses' option and enter the IP address of the license server in the 'Remote License Search Parameters' field. Then click Submit.


New Version Notifications

Periodically, you may be notified that a new version is available. You can download the update by double clicking on the link. Please read our section on load / save of projects regarding compatibility of your projects with new Storm Injector versions.