Water Resources

Catchment Simulation Solutions has developed significant expertise in delivering Water resources studies, particularly using the eWater Source software. This includes development of new Source models from the Barwon-Darling to the Hawkesbury-Nepean as well as testing structural options and proposed rule changes. 

We are adept at undertaking model runs using python scripts, which allows for optimization of non-standard parameters such as in demand models and catchment yield as well as sizing water supply structures such as dams and weirs. We have the ability to handle large data sets, such as those associated with stochastically generated time series for climate change analysis.

A large proportion of the workflow in water resources analysis is handling spatial data. We have expertise in undertaking spatial analysis and remote sensing, including; crop area and health estimates, storage capacity calculations and flowpath analysis.

Catchment Simulation Solutions has also undertaken a range of studies focused on the delivery of environmental water, including constraints management in the Gwydir and Murrumbidgee valleys as well as studies seeking to improve habitat for ecological endangered species and cultural values. 



Please contact Prawi Woods for help with your water resources needs.