Flood Impact Assessments

Catchment Simulation Solutions routinely undertakes flood impact and flood risk assessments (including evacuation analysis) for a range of private and public development, ranging from single lot development to precinct scale developments.

We have a strong understanding of the planning and development process with regard to flood risk and apply an outcomes based approach to undertaking these studies.

What is a Flood Impact Assessment?

A flood impact assessment considers the impact on flood behaviour that any proposed change to landform, or buildings on a site may have. It typically will look in detail at the existing flood behaviour across the site, which may already be defined by an established local government or regional flood study, or it may require a new computer flood model to be developed for the purpose of the assessment.

The proposed works are then able to be included within the computer flood model in order to define flood behaviour under ‘proposed’ conditions.

A flood impact (or difference) assessment is then undertaken which compares the flood behaviour between the existing and proposed case and defines the location and magnitude of any differences as a result of the proposed works. The outputs can be used to help alter a design to ensure the proposal does not impact the local environment or nearby properties. Once a suitable design has been established, a report is prepared to support the proposal with the local government authority, or certifier.

Local government authorities generally have strict requirements that are stipulated within their Local Environment Plan (LEP) and/or Development Control Plan (DCP) that must be met prior to development consent. 

What is a Flood Risk Assessment?

A flood risk assessment does not vary significantly from a flood impact assessment, however, has the additional focus on how any proposed works will impact on the safety of occupants (and their ability to evacuate in the event of a flood), and protection of any asset from flood damage. This will generally involve ensuring the property is protected to a designated flood event and is guided by applicable Local Environment Plan (LEP) and/or Development Control Plan (DCP) documents.

How Catchment Simulation Solutions can help

Catchment Simulation Solutions have extensive experience in preparing flood impact and risk assessments across urban and rural areas, using both established computer flood models, and by establishment of new, purpose-built computer flood models, as well as preparing reports suitable for submission to support conforming works.




Please contact Daniel Fedczyna for help with your flood assessment needs.