Catchment Simulation Solutions provide a range of services to the water industry.

  • Water Services
  • Software Development
  • Web Development Services

CSS has considerable expertise in a full suite of flood-related disciplines. We strive to provide our clients with access to the latest available software, systems and modelling tools to improve efficiency and deliver innovative and timely outcomes. We are familiar with a range of 1, 2 and 3-dimensional hydraulic software, lumped and distributed hydrologic software and GIS software. This includes:

Hydrologic Models

    • WBNM
    • RORB
    • GSSHA
    • ICPR
    • URBS
    • HEC-HMS

Hydraulic Models

    • TUFLOW
    • RMA-2
    • RMA-10
    • HEC-RAS
    • ICPR
    • MIKE-11

Water Quality Models

    • MUSIC
    • Source Catchments


  • MapInfo
  • ArcGIS
  • MapInfo
  • WaterRide
  • CatchmentSIM

 Some of our sample projects are shown below.

Sample Projects

  • Campbelltown Flood Study +

    CSS was engaged by Campbelltown City Council to prepare a detailed flood study for the Campbelltown Locality. The purpose of the flood study was to define flood behaviour for existing and future conditions. In accordance with the requirements of the NSW Government's Floodplain Development Manual (2005), both mainstream and overland flooding needed to be considered as part of the study.
    Campbelltown Flood Study
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  • Sydney Harbour Subcatchment Delineation +

    CSS were engaged by the Sydney Metropolitan CMA to complete subcatchment delineation for the Lower Parramatta River, Lane Cove River and Middle Harbour catchments, which occupy approximately 350 km2 of the Sydney urban area.  The project was completed as part of the Sydney Harbour Water Quality Improvement Plan.
    Sydney Harbour Subcatchment Delineation
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  • Parramatta River Source Catchments Modelling +

    CSS was engaged by the Sydney Metropolitan CMA to prepare Catchment Pollutant Export Models (CPEM) for the Upper and Lower Parramatta River catchments. The CPEM were developed for the Sydney Harbour Water Quality Improvement Plan using the Source Catchments software.

    Parramatta River Source Catchments Modelling
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  • The Hills Urban Overland Flowpath Mapping +

    CSS were engaged by The Hills Shire Council to map all urban overland flow path alignments in The Hills Shire Council LGA. The purpose of the study was to help identify all allotments that may be traversed by an urban overland flow path and which may be subject to a flood-related development controls (i.e., flood control lots).

    The Hills Urban Overland Flowpath Mapping
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  • Fannie Road Bridge Upgrade +

    CSS were engaged as subconsultants by The Balmoral Group USA, to complete the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for the proposed upgrade of the Fannie Road Bridge crossing of Big Escambia Creek in Escambia County, Florida. 

    Fannie Road Bridge Upgrade
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CSS are at the forefront of software development services in the Australian water industry.  We are the developers of CatchmentSIM, TRIM and were lead developers of eWater's MUSIC product for 2009-2012.

Our approach to development centres on having engineers and scientists with a deep understanding of the hydrological concepts involved in virtually all components of the development process. This ensures the scientific rigour of our products is our foremost priority which is then complemented by intuitive user interface design. We have expertise in C#.NET, Delphi, Fortran and many other development environments and supporting tools.

CSS is also available for fast low cost devlopment of simple tools to assist businesses with process automation, data conversion and software integration projects. 

Products we contributed to include:



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CSS strive to help our clients to make their work as accessible as possible to key stakeholders and the public. We are specialists in using the web to help spread the message. In particular, CSS are comitted to utilising advanced web mapping technology to ensure both visual and tabular GIS information can be available with the need for specialised software.

A range of the communication and mapping websites we've developed are profiled below.

Sample Projects

  • Framework for Assessment of River and Wetland Health +

    This project involved development of a website to provide educational and training materials to Agency staff as well as a interactive mapping system for publication of FARWH results for each jurisdiction. The website included GIS capabilities blending thematic mapping, clever representation of tabular data and charting.
    Framework for the Assessment of River and Wetland Health


  • Uttar Pradesh Water Resources Decision Support System, India +

    This project involved development of a Decision Support System (DSS) for water resource management in Uttar Pradesh, India. Several engineering models were tightly integrated into a GIS environment (ArcGIS) to allow streamlined and potentially real-time modelling of the hydrologic system.

    CSS developed a comprehensive website to proivde access to GIS maps showing the spatial variation in a variety of attributes across the study area as well as a detailed online mapping website.
    Uttar Pradesh Water Resources Decision Support System, India


  • Lake Macquarie Council Stream and Catchment Mapping Project +

    CSS was engaged by Lake Macquarie City Council to map all natural streams and catchment boundaries extending across all of the Lake Macquarie Council Local Government Area.

    The catchment and stream GIS layers were also included in a web-based mapping page to allow Council staff to review the generated GIS layers without the need for specialist GIS software.  Information from each layer (e.g., stream length) could be accessed by staff by simply clicking on a particular GIS shape/line within the mapping window. Various background layers including Landsat images and topographic maps aided in providing a geographic reference to each dataset.
    Lake Macquarie Council Stream and Catchment Mapping Project


  • Flood Study Websites +

    CSS are leaders in providing simple and easy to use websites to inform the public of flood studies. These sites typically include interactive mapping of approved  GIS layers, facilitate online questionnaires to improve community response and provide a portal for the accumulation and mapping of flooding photographs from the public.

    CSS also maintain the domain providing an important centralised location for these websites. View an example.

    Flood Study Websites


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