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TUFLOW Run Interface Manager (TRIM) is an application to help manage your TUFLOW model runs more efficiently.

  • Easily add any number of TUFLOW models to your queue including simple GUI to customise Event and Scenario combinations.
  • Automatically run the simulations across multiple modelling computers to maximise license utilisation and minimise time.
  • Live charting of inflows, outflows, wet cells and errors.
  • Automation of post processing with flexible templates to ensure results are ready for use
  • Easily test one or more models prior to running the entire queue.
  • Easy access to log files, key files and directories via right click menu.

TRIM can be used for free for one simultaneous simulation and paid versions are available supporting up to 99 simultaneous simulations.

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TRIM Event Configuration


The traditional way to run TUFLOW simulations is via batch files. Here are 5 reasons why TRIM is a better way:

  • Run simulations across several computers to get them finished as fast as possible
  • Maximise license utilisation to save time and money
  • Quick notification of unstable models, stalled models (such as error dialogs) or computer crashes so you can fix problems quickly and restart models
  • Live charting of inflows, outflows, wet cells and errors
  • Automation of post processing so results are ready to use on your arrival

Considering TRIM licenses are a small fraction of the cost of TUFLOW, it's a cost effective way to increase your productivity.

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