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Storm Injector provides a powerful interface for implementing Australian Rainfall & Runoff 2019 design storms using a range of Australian and overseas hydrologic models including RORB, WBNM,  XP-RAFTS, URBS and HEC-HMS. It offers charting and tools for analysing the results of the models to aid in selection of critical durations, flows and hydrographs for hydraulic modelling. Storm Injector is ideal for organisations that want to ensure a consistent approach to ARR 2019 across many hydrologic models such as Councils, developers and consultants.

Features include:

  • Automatic download of Data Hub and BoM IFD Information
  • Coordinate conversion to allow easy derivation of lat/long for data download
  • Download an unlimited number of IFD data-sets to allow spatial variation in rainfall depths
  • Calculate Areal Reduction Factors
  • Calculate initial losses including pre-burst adjustment
  • Create storms based on frequent, rare or normal IFD point temporal patterns, or Areal temporal patterns
  • Create ARR 1987 storms including depth area adjustment
  • Run all storm in your choice of hydrologic model in the background
  • Flexible custom events to assess climate change analysis and sensitivity to initial loss, rainfall increase, partial area effects and others
  • Model complete storms including pre-burst temporal patterns, urban loss rates (ICA vs DCIA)
  • Compare different scenarios (such as pre vs post development) directly within the same project
  • Consideration and smoothing of embedded bursts
  • Analyse all results including selection of adopted temporal pattern for each duration and identification of critical duration
  • Create box plots and chart hydrographs for any storm
  • Statistical analysis tools to help inform selection of temporal patterns for hydraulic models
  • Integrate with TUFLOW via rainfall file export and ts1 format hydrograph export





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Storm Injector Viewer is free software to help visualise results from Storm Injector projects. More information on the viewer software is available here.



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