Maintenance and Support

CatchmentSIM customers are asked to subscribe to a maintenance and support plan at the rate of 20% of the current license price per annum. The maintenance and support plan is required as part of an initial software purchase but is optional from the second year onwards. A maintenance and support plan includes the following benefits:


- Free upgrades to the latest software versions as soon as practicable after they have been released. This includes all major and minor software releases.

- Access to free technical support by phone and email.

- Access to any beta versions of future releases that are available.

- Discounted rates for training courses and some new products.


If a customer opts out of a maintenance and support plan, they will no longer be eligible for technical support or new versions of software. A surcharge of 25% applies on cumulative back payments for reinstatement of cancelled maintenance and support plans. Reinstatement may not be available for maintenance and support plans that are more than 12 months expired.

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