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CatchmentSIM is a powerful software package for hydrologic analysis of terrain including mapping catchments, flowpaths and integration with hydrologic models.
  • Create a DEM from a wide range of data sources.
  • Remove flat and pits from the DEM using advanced filling and breaching algorithms.
  • Map the drainage path for any point in the terrain.
  • Automatically delineate stream networks complete with Horton ordering and full range of hydrologic attributes.
  • Automatically breakup a catchment into a subcatchment network.
  • Automatic calculation of subcatchment impervious proportions.
  • Integrates with 12d to map drainage catchments for pits and other structures in urban environments.
  • Use bathymetry and lake data to develop stage – area – volume relationships for reservoirs and lakes.
  • Chart a wide range of hydrologic attributes of subcatchments.
  • Visualise your project with 3D OpenGL graphics.
  • Export to GoogleEarth for powerful presentations.
  • Seamless integration with any external software via a macro language. Buit-in scripts allow creation of files compatible with a wide range of software.






CatchmentSIM pricing is based on which modules are required from Core, Macro and Rainfall Analyser.

Core Module
20% Annual Maintenance
Automatically map subcatchments and streams
Calculate a huge range of attributes
Visualise terrain concurrently in 3D
Macro Module
Highly Recommended
20% Annual Maintenance
Integrate with many hydrologic models
Flexible and intelligent raster calculator
Write your own subcatchment parameters
Rainfall Analyser
20% Annual Maintenance
Import timeseries data such as rainfall
Calculate subcatchment timeseries
Export timeseries to hydrologic models

  • Prices in Australian Dollars, GST will be added for Australian customers.
  • Product maintenance is required in the first year and optional thereafter based on 20% of current price
  • 25% discount applies to orders of 2 or more.
  • CatchmentSIM is licensed by single and network USB dongles.

Contact us for a formal quote.

CatchmentSIM provides integration with eWater's music for automated setup of music models. More information on CatchmentSIM's music integration can be seen in our brochure, or by watching the video below.


eWater music Video





Aquaplaning Risk Assessment

CatchmentSIM can be used to automate the identification of aquaplaning risk areas in 12d road design surfaces.

Aquaplaning Demo Video


Catchment and Flow Path Delineation

CatchmentSIM provides integration with 12d Model for fast and efficient mapping of catchments and flow paths over 12d Model TINs or Super TINs. It can be used to automate the mapping of drainage pit/inlet catchments as well as flow paths and can also model fence lines and other flow obstructions.

View our detailed documentation on 12d Urban Drainage, or watch the following videos.

12d Basics Video

Advanced 12d Video


 12d Integration Script

Download the 12d - CatchmentSIM macro from here.


CatchmentSIM is widely used throughout the Australian water industry including the following organisations.





Registered users with current maintenance contracts should be able to download CatchmentSIM from the Help >> Check for New Version menu, or by logging in to Other users should contact us for download access.

New users can access trial software via

CatchmentSIM includes a wide range of training and support options, including:

Free phone and email based technical support is also offered to all licensed users with valid maintenance agreements.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote for CatchmentSIM.

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