1. Rachel Jensen
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  3. Monday, 01 December 2014
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Hi TRIM Development,

I am wondering how TRIM can manage RAM requirements.
We have quite large models that can only be run on specific machines and are a limiting factor on the machines, not number of physical cores.
Can TRIM master-grunt handle RAM as a limiting factor so that more runs are not activated despite 'available' physical cores?
Also, is there a way to assign estimated RAM requirements to a run so that big models can be suitably distributed to machines?

Thank you for your help,

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Hi Rachel,

The short answer is no, this can't be done yet. However, it is the direction we are heading. TRIM does know how much RAM each Grunt has but at the moment, it can't estimate simulation requirements or check to ensure a Grunt has sufficient available memory before starting a simulation.

You could conceivably have two computing clusters managed by two TRIM instances. One containing the high memory machines and simulations and the other containing the rest?

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