1. Elliot Jones
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  3. Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has guidance on assessing rare events (e.g. 0.05% AEP) for durations shorter than 24hrs? I am looking at a catchment (3500 Ha) where the critical duration in the 1% AEP is 6hrs. I would guess that the peak duration for an 0.05% AEP would be around 12 - 18 hrs. However, I can't check any thing shorter than 24 hrs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Elliot,

You can apply the growth curves in Table 8.3.2 (Section 3.6.3 Book 8) using Custom Events. For example, entering RInc_1% AEP_69.8_rare$2000YrARI$ in the Custom Event section of Storm Injector will use the 1% AEP depth increased by 69.8% and the rare temporal patterns and it will call it the 2000YrARI event.

You can find some more information about this in the 'Selection of Events' page in our help: http://csse.com.au/si_help/index.php?selection-of-events.html


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