Storm Injector is a software application developed by Catchment Simulation Solutions. It is designed to help implement and streamline the new requirements in Australian Rainfall & Runoff 2016. Storm Injector is named based on the idea that it can 'inject' a storm into an existing hydrologic modelling file. It currently supports XP-RAFTS,  WBNM and RORB hydrologic models. Storm Injector automates many steps including:

1.Downloading required data from the ARR Data Hub and the Bureau of Meterology IFD website for a given latitude / longitude and catchment area
2.Create potentially hundreds of model runfiles based on the user's selections
3.Run all models through the selected hydrologic model including parallel processing
4.Analyse the results in both tabular and graphical formats


Watch our introductory videos:

May 2018 Update:
Initial Beta Release:


You can get Storm Injector  from our our software portal.

You can request support and discuss Storm Injector at our Google Group.

Instructions for using the application can be found in the next section.



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Storm Generator Tab



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Box Charts


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Hydrograph and Rainfall Charting